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by Jane Haselden December 04, 2018

Buying Organic

Something very exciting happened this week. We ordered our first Riverford organic veg box.
We have had a Riverford cookbook on our shelf for the past decade. It’s been very well used, you can tell that just by looking at it! As well as that we have often talked about getting a veg box, all of that lovely organic goodness is so tempting.
But we have a large family and have survived many years on one modest income. Unfortunately we just never felt that we could afford to pay the extra cost of organically grown vegetables.
We have always tried to adapt our ways of thinking about most things in life, to try and find better ways of doing things. That’s how we ended up home educating our kids. But however hard we tried we couldn’t seem to find room in our budget to eat the way we’d like to.
This year however, we have been making lots of changes. We have realised how important looking after ourselves and the environment is.
It has been like an awakening and suddenly there are so many things that we want to give our attention to. To improve life for ourselves, our children and our planet.

Making the Switch

I was determined not to get to the end of the year without making the switch and last week I went to Riverford’s website, and boldly ordered our first box.
Or should I say boxes, after all there are seven of us, eating a mainly plant-based diet. That’s a lot of veg each week!
I received a phone call to say that our delivery would be very early, possibly earlier than 5am.


The Big Day

Like a child on Christmas eve, I was up at 4.45 am in eager anticipation.
With a rather sleepy eleven month old in one arm, I peeped out of the front window to find a stack of glorious boxes already waiting on our doorstep.
I resisted the temptation to unpack it all straight away and waited instead, until the rest of our little tribe had got out of their beds.
We had a great time opening all of the brown paper packages. Lots of things that we usually get, seemed suddenly more exciting. We also had some new varieties to try and it was such a pleasure to see the children looking so enthusiastic about a box of fruit and vegetables!

Organic Living on a Budget

But what about our tight budget? Well I’m trying to think about it differently. We’ve already been saving money in lots of areas by trying to cut down on our waste. Also, we’re making the fruits and vegetables that we buy the most important thing on our weekly list. Everything else gets budgeted for afterwards.
I know that it might not be easy at first and it might require a little bit of thinking outside of the box. Even so, I am glad to know that I’m buying food that has been grown without all the nasty chemicals.


If you would like to find out more about why it’s great to buy organic, visit the Soil Association’swebsite.
Or why not try ordering your own Riverfordbox?

Jane Haselden
Jane Haselden

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